Book Release — Angular 8 and Firebase: Building a Google Platform Integrated Application

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The search for challenges is what makes us leave the “square”.

Today was published in my book “Angular 8 and Firebase: Building an application integrated with the Google platform (portuguese)” released by Casa do Código.

In the development of web and mobile applications, a significant amount of languages, frameworks and tools are available. In this immensity, it is common for the novice developer to get lost and even unsure about the best way to build in this segment.

For the front-end developer, the task is more complicated, aligned with exactly what it needs, be it a form, a Single Page Application (SPA), just to name a few.

The purpose of this book is to present the main features of the platform, using version 8, by implementing an application that will guide the chapters. So you will not find a theoretical chapter devoted to concepts of components, services, routing, or form validation, but will explore these identified topics within a project requirement.

In addition, we will integrate the application with Google Firebase, utilizing various features such as database, authentication, file storage, server-side functions, and system hosting.

Between the writing of the book and the release, we have arrived in version 9, but without impact on the project built.

I hope I can help more people to know and use this amazing Framework.

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